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How should I store the QuiteLike delivery?

Firstly, unpack the cool bag and unload the items straight into the fridge - meat and fish should be stored below 5 degrees. Secondly, open the brown recipe bags. Many of the items will belong in the refrigerator, but tinned goods (where applicable)

How do I change my meal selection?

If you'd like to change your meal selections, simply login into your account and go to 'Dashboard' in the top menu. Your meal selections are listed under 'Upcoming Orders' for each week. Go to the week you'd like to change your meals, and click 'Edit

What should I do if ingredients are spoilt, missing or damaged?

We take the utmost care in preparing each order, but from time to times things do go wrong.  Rest assured, that when your order is packed, your ingredients are of the highest standard in perfect condition. If any of your ingredients are damaged, spoi

Can I get vegetarian options?

We offer a range of delicious recipes every week, including dedicated vegetarian options. No matter your food choices, we ensure you never have to compromise on flavour or nutritional value. There's two ways you can opt for our delicious vegetarian m

Do you provide nutritional information?

Interested in additional nutritional information?  Great news, we have included this information right on our recipe cards.  So if you are tracking your macros on a fitness app or you just want to know how many carbs are in your meal, you can rely on

Do I need any existing ingredients at home?

There's some basic ingredients we don't send out as most people already have them home - things like oil, butter and salt. We'll confirm what you need on the recipe before you order under the 'Pantry items' section, so you're never caught short.

Can I customise my meals to change the ingredients?

At this stage, we don't offer the ability to change or omit specific ingredients on our site when you order. You can see the specific ingredients on the recipes when you order, to ensure you're happy the key ingredients included in the meal. At Quite

Can I get dessert, breakfast or lunches?

We don't yet offer dessert, breakfast or lunch. However we have a growing range of over 250+ recipes, and we want to ensure we offer you the tastiest recipes, freshest ingredients and best experience out there. You are most welcome to try some of our

How do I find information on recipe allergens? What about dietary requirements like Gluten Free or Coeliac?

On our website, we provide details for each recipe. These contain ingredients, nutritional values and allergen information as well as step by step instructions. We encourage you to review the recipe card that interests you to ascertain whether the le

I have no scales so how can I measure and portion?

We have all been there.  Mid recipe, no scales, guestimating the amount of ingredient to portion.  Here is a guide on how to power through these situations. So, you are telling me I use my coffee mug as a cup measure?. Well, not exaaactly. While some

Does QuiteLike provided Halal meat?

Unfortunately, QuiteLike meat is not Halal certified.

Where can I find a full list of Ingredients?

We appreciate that you are interested in finding out more about our meals. All of the ingredients in our recipes are listed on our recipe cards.  They can be found on our website by browsing our menu here.  Just select the meal you are interested in

Is the Parmesan Cheese in your recipes vegetarian/vegan?

That’s a tricky one. While the parmesan in our recipes is made using a microbial-based (non-animal) rennet, it does contain animal-based lipase, both of which are necessary enzymes in traditional cheesemaking. So far, we’re yet to find a suitable alt

Is your meat free range?

The quality of our meat is such an important topic to us.  We take a lot of pride in our meat.Firstly, our chicken is free range.Our meet is high quality, 100% Australian beef that has no added hormones, which is grain fed.  We have chosen to partner