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I have no scales so how can I measure and portion?Updated 5 months ago

We have all been there.  Mid recipe, no scales, guestimating the amount of ingredient to portion.  Here is a guide on how to power through these situations. 


So, you are telling me I use my coffee mug as a cup measure?


Well, not exaaactly. While sometimes it’s fine to be all loosey goosey with measurements, often, the right amount is needed to make sure a dish turns out perfectly delicious. You’ll notice our recipes often give both a cup or teaspoon measure and a millilitre or gram measure. All our packaged ingredients have the quantity printed on them, so unless there is extra supplied that you don’t need for that recipe (look out for the asterisk), you won’t need to measure them. However, there are times, such as for measuring your pantry staples, that you will, so if you ever you ever get stuck, here is a guide to liquids:


1 tsp = 5ml 

1 tbs = 20ml

¼ cup = 60ml

⅓ cup = 80ml

½ cup = 125ml

⅔ cup = 160ml 

¾ cup = 185ml

1 cup = 250ml 


And here is more about pantry staples:

Flour (cornflour, plain flour, most other flours we’ll ask you to use): 1 cup = 150g ½ cup = 75g ⅓ cup = 50g 1 tablespoon = 20g


Sugar (white, caster, raw): 1 cup = 220g ½ cup = 110g ¼ cup = 55g 1 tablespoon = 20g


We have also have an article that goes into a little more detail, should you want to know more right here


As always, when in doubt, just reach out.  We are here to help on at [email protected]

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