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What should I do if ingredients are spoilt, missing or damaged?Updated 5 months ago

We take the utmost care in preparing each order, but from time to times things do go wrong.  Rest assured, that when your order is packed, your ingredients are of the highest standard in perfect condition.   


If any of your ingredients are damaged, spoilt or missing, please let us know by reaching out to us on live chat or email us on [email protected].  


It would be really helpful for us if you are able to attach an image of the issue, so we can fully understand your experience and work with our team to ensure it doesn't happen again.  It really helps paint a picture for the team, so we can work out the best ways to improve.    

Rest assured we will always do our best to make it right.  After reporting your missing ingredient, our Customer Service team may apply a credit to your account, as compensation for the inconvenience.

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