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My box hasn't arrived (or was late). What do I do?Updated 2 months ago

There's nothing more disappointing than when a highly anticipated delivery doesn't arrive. If this has happened to you, we're deeply sorry. We work with Australia's best shipping partners to ensure your deliveries arrive on time, fresh and in great condition. Occasionally, external circumstances may impact shipping networks and deliveries may be delayed.


The first thing to do is check the tracking link sent to you via SMS as this will show an estimated time of arrival and if there's a minor delay in delivery.


If you're unable to locate your delivery via the tracking link, please reach out to our Customer Support team on [email protected] or use the chat function on this site and we'll investigate to help resolve this for you asap.


If your QuiteLike box arrives after the delivery window has passed, please check your cool bag to ensure those items have remained cool in transit. We pack our boxes to the highest industry standards, so they're able to withstand unforeseen delays, however depending on the specific circumstances, you may not be able to use those ingredients if they are no longer chilled.

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