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If I skip a week or two, does my discount code still work? Or do I lose my discount?Updated 5 months ago

So you found a discount code.  Fantastic!  And you want to know if you pause or skip a week, will the discount code still work upon your return? 


Scenario - You are going on holidays for Christmas and won't be home for 2 weeks.  You just signed up for a subscription using a code that gave you 50% off your meals for your first 2 orders.  The question is, if you skip a few weeks, will the discount still apply when you return from your holiday and place your next order.


Great news - The answer is YES!


Discounts apply to a number of orders.  They are not limited by time, but by usage.  So if you have a discount code that entitles you to 25% off for 3 orders, you will get exactly that.  You might be travelling and need to pause every second week while you are away; your discount will still be waiting for you when you get back. 


So no matter how long you take to use your discount, the threshold is set by the number of orders, not the number of weeks you hold a subscription.


There is only 1 exception to this rule.  You must complete your discount code orders within a 12 month period of activating the discount.  So if you signed up on the 1st of January 2023 with a discount code in the example above, with 25% off meals for 3 orders, you would need to order 3 meals by the 1st January 2024.       

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