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How to store ingredientsUpdated 5 months ago

Hey there, fellow food-lover. Did you just discover a box of your own culinary promise at your door? Woot! We’re just guessing here, but is it quite the best thing to land on your doorstep in a while? Yeah it is! High-fives.


So, what to do now… a bit of unboxing happens. We’ll walk you through it.


  • First thing is to unpack the items in your chilled pouch and arrange them in your fridge. Meat goes on the bottom shelf of the fridge, which, incidentally, should be the rule any time you buy meat. Then follow the natural order of things, dairy in the dairy compartment, so on and so forth.
  •  Now group all the sauces for your meals together and pop them in a container in your fridge so you can easily access them when you need them. You don’t want one getting lost behind last week’s impulse sauerkraut purchase.
  •  Produce next. Unpack the fresh stuff from each meal bag and place in the crisper. Any herbs can be wrapped in damp paper towel to extend their best selves. Don’t freak out that everything isn’t staying together in the meal bag, your recipe card is the source of truth and everything will be there waiting for you when it’s time to cook.
  • If you have some fragile ingredients, such as spinach and herbs, store them on top of other produce, rather than burying them under hardier vegetables.

  • You’re probably going to have some shelf-stable stuff to unpack, such as pasta, rice and the like, it’s a good idea to keep these in their respective meal bags in your pantry. You can also pop your recipe cards in there for safe keeping.
  • Job done! Now all you have to do is decide which one of your selections will be taken out for a spin tonight. Time to squeeze some excitement over the weeknight routine.

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