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How do I update my payment method/ card details?Updated a month ago

Changing your payment method is easy with QuiteLike.  you have complete control of your account details through our online Dashboard.  


Through a Desktop or Laptop Browser Select "Payment Methods" in the menu on the left hand side:


It will open a new screen.  Simply click on the  + new payment method button 


Then simply add your new card details, then press the "Save Card" button when you have finished. 


Please Note ****  Before you leave, please be sure to click the button "make default" next to the new card you would like to use.  If you don't set your new card to default, it will not be used to process payments.  Only your default payment card will be used to process your order.


It's that easy!


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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