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Can I track my delivery? SMS notificationsUpdated 5 months ago

The team at QuiteLike love to deliver!


An important part of our experience is to manage your expectations around the delivery of your order.  Your QuiteLike subscription ensures that you receive a delivery of fresh, flavoursome food every week on a Monday.  


If you have an active QuiteLike subscription, you will receive a text message from HDSSupport on the Sunday evening before the day your order is to be delivered, at around 7pm.  


If you click on the tracking link you will be presented with an updated view of the delivery status for your order.  It will show you the delivery address, the current location of your order and any delivery notes you had for the driver. 


You will also receive a text message on the day, a short time before the delivery, to let you know it has almost arrived.  Lastly, you will get a text message from our team, to let you know the order has been delivered.  If you follow the link, you can even see a photo of where your order was placed when it arrived. 


Please note that our team do their best to deliver your order within the stated time window.  From time to time, there can be delays and you may receive your order outside of this window.  


Our standard delivery windows include 8am and 6pm or 12am to 7am.    


We do our best to ensure that we deliver as close to our estimated time of arrival as possible.  From time to time, there will be things that affect our ability to deliver your order at the exact moment of your estimated time.  Rest assured, through the traffic, the weather and the hustle and bustle of our road, our team are doing their best to get to you.  


You can always check your tracking link to see where your order is at any time on delivery day.  


If you need support, please contact us at [email protected]

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