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Can I change my delivery address?Updated 5 months ago

We totally understand that there are time when you need to change your delivery address.  Here is some information that will help.


Changing your delivery address is easy!


You can change your delivery address simply by logging into our website.  On your Dashboard, go to setting page here:


Then click on "Address Book" in the menu


Then click "+ New Address" and you will then be presented with a new address input box where you can update your details. It looks like this:


Be sure to save your address by clicking the "Save Address" button.


Please note that this will only affect orders that are finalised after you have changed your address.  So if you are contacting us on say, a Tuesday, the order from the Monday prior, to be delivered the following week will still be directed to your old address.  


To change your address for orders processed prior, you can do so by contacting our Customer Care Team on [email protected].   Please note we can only change the address for a previously finalised order if you reach out to us by Friday that week. 


Any questions, please reach out. 

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