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Which QuiteLike packaging is recycleable?Updated 5 months ago

Sustainability and packaging are very important topics to our team, and we have several projects underway to further improve the sustainability of our product. We are always happy to consider new ideas to improve our sustainability. Please let us know if you have any further questions on the matter.


When you order from QuiteLike, it arrives in a cardboard box, which can be easily recycled. 


Remember to rinse anything that has meat or any other remnants of food products inside. 


Any kitchen scraps or food waste is compostable. There are several government-based resources that provide in depth detail on recyclable and compostable materials. Here is a list of compostable foods that may help: 

  • leftovers, plate scrapings and spoiled food 

  • fruit and vegetable peelings 

  • dairy products 

  • eggs and eggshells 

  • meat, small bones, fish and soft shell seafood 

  • bread, pastries, cakes and biscuits 

  • rice, grains, cereals, and noodles 

  • tea bags, loose tea leaves, and coffee grounds 

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