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What's your stance on seafood sustainability?Updated 5 months ago

All our Seafood is Australian caught. Our Seafood provider has been in business for over 30 years. They source from some of the most advanced and sustainable commercial fisheries in the world – fishermen who are committed to minimising environmental impact, using safe fishing methods, fishing for what’s in season, and who never catch undersized fish or go over quota.


None of their fish waste is sent to landfill. They partner with companies like Pridham and Sharky Dog Chews who use their waste to make nutrient-rich fertilisers and dog treats from offcuts of ecologically sustainable produce.

They also sell fish roe, fish bones and carcasses to customers to be used in things like marinara and soup stocks; everything is used.

At QuiteLike, we only partner with suppliers that we believe align to our own high sustainability objectives. We believe in high quality seafood that helps create high quality seafood dishes, with fresh, local ingredients at the heart of each dish. 

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