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How do I dispose of the Freezer Ice Pack?Updated a month ago

Sustainability is very important to the team at QuiteLike.  We do our best to find the right balance of sustainability and experience for our customers, and it will always be something we are trying to improve.  


Our recommendations on the disposal of the Ice Packs are:


1) Defrost any unwanted gel ice packs and cut them open using a pair of scissors 


2) Choose one of the following options

     a - Spread the gel around your plants to retain water moisture. 

     b - Add a teaspoon of salt to the gel pack and pour the gel down the drain

     c - Empty the gel into your rubbish bin


Step 3) Once you have disposed of all of the gel, give the plastic casing a good rinse under the tap.  You can then recycle the case in a soft plastics recycling bin.


The Ice Gel Packs we provide are made of 99% water and are non-toxic.  These are not for consumption.

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